#1 Nicole Goes On A Date With Alen - Dating Like A Pro

October 6, 2015

dating-like-a-pro-podcast-itunes-samanthAfter years of failing to find “the one” via online dating, musician Alen Khan enlists the help of friend and former escort Samantha Acosta -- who immediately tries to woo his date Nicole with “fun facts” about  Alen’s vasectomy, Super Gonorrhea, and how to steal a dude’s tequila. Is Alen’s search for Mrs. Right finally over? Probably not. 

 Music:by Bad Bad Meow 
song unreleased: "Hear You"
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#2 Liz Goes On A Date With Alen And Samantha Gets A Lesson In Sex ED- Dating Like A Pro

October 6, 2015

Guided by personal dating consultant and former escort Samantha Acosta, single dad Alen Khan continues to look for love, but introductions with the “open-minded” Liz quickly becomes a sex ed lesson about anal and the consequences of not wrapping it up. Has Alen found his soulmate or is he doomed to a life of loneliness because he can’t stop talking about his damn kid?

Music by Bad Bad Meow
Song "Two fools in love"


#3 Simone Goes On A Date With Alen- Dating Like A Pro

October 6, 2015

Former escort and romantic enabler Samantha Acosta has yet to make eligible bachelor Alen Khan less eligible, so when mud-wrestler and self-appointed online dating vigilante Simone reveals that Alen has learned nothing so far our two hosts say “Screw it! Let’s talk about laundry!” Then they get yelled at. A lot. Is that the sound of wedding bells? No? Didn’t think so.

Music by Bad Bad Meow
Song: "Drink And Regret"
Photo by 9 Muses Photo

#4 Whitney Goes On A Date With Alen Khan (Bad Bad Meow), Cohosted By Samantha Acosta

November 2, 2015

This week Alen Goes on a date with a foot doctor. Does it work? Will he break down and show his feet to his date? All questions will be answered.

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Music by Bad Bad Meow
Song "I Don't Belong"
from "Twice The Good And Half The Bad"

#5 Elaine Goes On A Date With Alen (Bad Bad Meow), Cohosted By Samantha Acosta - Dating Like A Pro

November 9, 2015

Alen goes on a date with Elaine (one of the cofounders of Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team). We talk about skating, hometowns, and pizza toppings. Cohosted by Samantha Acosta.

Music by Bad Bad Meow

Song "Did I" from the album "Half The Bad Twice The Good"



#6 Season 1 Finale Dating Like A Pro: Nicole Comes Back!

November 16, 2015

Season 1 Finale 

Nicole comes back and we talk about difficult decisions, the meaning of life, and maintaining a powerful spiritual existence. Actually, none of that is true.  We talk about why she made out with intern of course!

With Alen Khan of Bad Bad Meow

Co hosted by Samantha Acosta

music by Bad Bad Meow

Song "I Remember"

from the "April From Chicago Album"




#7 Season 2 Premier: Alen Sets His Cohost On A Date With Joey From The Band Soddy Daisy

December 18, 2015

Alen Khan (Bad Bad Meow) takes the role of dating coach. Alen sets up his cohost on this very special episode. This weeks date is Joey aka "Dreamboat Joey" from the Chicago band Soddy Daisy and something very magical happens on this date. Does Joey earn the dreamboat status? Does he capture the heart of his cohost? Listen and find out! 


Music by Soddy Daisy

"Why Are We Always" from GO! album

"GO!" from the GO! Album